Sweet Saturday Samples

Welcome!  This is my first week participating in Sweet Saturday Samples.  This is a blog hop where authors share their clean lines, though their actual story may not be sweet in nature.

The PG-13 sample I’m sharing is from my erotic short fantasy romance, which is under contract with Decadent Publishing for its 1NightStand series.  Here our heroine is grilling the hero for some pertinent information, such as his species.


Sinnon and Zoe

She glared at him.  He was so exasperating.  And she still didn’t know who or what he was.  “A name, please?”

He threw his long platinum hair over one shoulder.  “Sin On.”

She couldn’t suppress the incredulous note in her voice.  “Your name is Sin On?”

A smile tugged at the corners of his lips.  “My name does bear a remarkable likeness to that moniker, though I spell it S-i-n-n-o-n.  You may call me Sin if you would prefer.”

“S–  S…in.”  Was everyone thing about this male decadent?

He prowled to her and pulled her against his hard, lean body.  “Why so shy, my dear?  You came here to sin, after all.”

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